Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Hello my lovelies!
Sorry to post so soon but I've writing a lot recently and wanted to share a passage from one story I've started. 

''I looked up at the brilliant night sky, the stars shone like diamonds despite the murky grey clouds. I wondered how it would feel to fly.. and that's when it happened, I couldn't stop it, I wasn't sure that I wanted to. I began feeling weightless, my heart was thudding beneath my chest, adrenaline pumping through my veins. 
I dared to look down, my house was beneath me, the size of a car. How was this possible? I began panicking and then the feeling was gone, I was falling, rapidly.
And then everything went black.

I was thirteen when this happened to me, I thought I was insane, or maybe it was a dream but there were too many realistic measurements I had to consider. The cold November night, so cold I could see my breath in front of me. The stars so real I felt like I could grab them.. But who had saved me from slamming into the ground?
Who had saved me?''

If you could would you like to read more? Or is it really that appalling? I'd love comments and criticism... Hope your all having a lovely festive month! 

Much Love
Elise x

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