Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hello my lovelies, sorry I've not been posting - long story short, been kicked out and now living with the boyf! So I've been busy getting my bits and bobs sorted! :) Anyways I hope your all having a great Easter break!
 The most gorgeous pastel colour from Barry M, in 308 Berry.
 My new watch from Asos Marketplace, £12.00 - This site is amazing!
 Nyx Concealer in a jar £5.00, I was a little disappointed with this, it creases quite badly! But the colour match is great.
 Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in 100 Endless Blossom, This tastes like cotton candy mmm, but it doesn't stay on for very long Boo!
 Barry M Wink, Black pen marker for eyes, amazing amazing amazing, it stays on for as long as you need and its so much easier to apply than liquid eyeliner in a pot. 
 Barry M, Imperfection Correction - fab colour match and a all round great concealer, i'd recommend to anyone with dark circles.
 Rapid Dry for Nails with Vitamin E, you can get this from Tesco for £2 it's perfect for the money, only downfall is, it leaves your skin a tad greasy but that soaks in eventually.
 Jergens naturals- Aloe Soothing with cucumber extracts. I've only used this once but due to my sensitive skin this has already helped- no stinging after shaving woohoo!
 Glad Pits Anti-Perspirant from Soap and Glory. Gorgeous smelling deodorant but obviously they aren't known for anti perspirants so it does leave white marks- just wait to dry!
 Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer, I fell asleep with my makeup on and i had used this product, my makeup wasn't smudged or anything! 
Barry M Lipstick in 155. This reminds me of Viva La Glam but cheaper!

Now I think I have more stuff on the way that I've ordered- definitely a new bag that I can't wait to show you! Hope you like these products if you buy them! Have a great easter! :)

Love E xx


  1. like your blog dearrrrrrr,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


  2. Thank you Demi, :) your outfits are stunning x

  3. I love that nail polish, it's a lovely colour for spring :) You have a great blog,
    Bex x

  4. Yeah it's so pretty for spring. Thank you so much Bex, so do you!x