Monday, 16 January 2012

I'm still alive, promise!

Hello my lovelies!
I've been really busy lately, I'm not ignoring you, hope you haven't lost interest!
I completely forgot I said I would upload a picture of the lovely gold nail varnish I got from ELF, silly me!
Here it is,

I used Max Factor Disco Pink 704 underneath the Golden Goddess, You can use Golden Goddess by itself it has mini sparkles as well as large ones. But it did give a yellowy tinge to my nails which didn't look too good! it works beautifully under a matte gold colour but if you want to mix it up a bit like i did use vibrant colours :) (ps sorry for my wrinkly thumb, just gotten out of the bath) the only thing i will say is, give it plenty of time to dry, it does take a while!

Another thing, I went a little crazy this weekend and shaved a little bit of my head, now people won't stop calling me Cher Lloyd! 
I'm back concentrating on my Theory revision too, after my first fail it kind've knocked me back, I don't do tests very well despite being prepared, but thanks to the motivation (kick up the bottom) and a speech from my Nana, she has persuaded me! I'm so excited for this year, I hope you all are too. Good luck, god bless!
Much Love,
Elise x 

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  1. love your nail varnish! x