Sunday, 22 January 2012

Star buy!

Hello my lovelies!
I hope your all having a fab start to the year, mine's been a bit rocky recently but I've learned from my mistakes, moving swiftly on with all my amazing family & friends joining me!
I wanted to tell you gorgeous people about my star buy from today, now I don't know about you, but I'm terribly picky when it comes to shirts, I've wanted one for so long but could never find one that screamed 'BUY ME!' 
That day has come.

My bootiful new shirt! It's from New Look and classed as a 'safari shirt' It was only £14.99 which I thought wasn't too expensive for New Look!

I would recommend a black vest tee underneath, it's pretty thin material!
Due to the lack of my having any camera, my webcam hasn't taken good pictures in the colour quality department, it's actually more pinky than nude. 
I've taken a new direction with my dress sense, so throwing out a considerable amount, i'll add an ebay link when the items are up, please bid if your interested i'd be very very appreciative!
Well my lovelies, I hope you've all had a bootiful day, I'm off to de-stress in a bubble bath!
Ooh, what do you think of this oil burner my Grams bought me back from Bangkok? 
I love it, according to her it was handmade, amazing!

Psssst.. if you like my blog, please tell others about it. I'd feel very special!
Love Elise x


  1. Ooh Elz I loves it! I need to be filled in with this 'new direction of dress sense'! We need a movie night and a catch up :D

    Mole xxx

  2. Missing you tons mole! Yess definitely let me know when your free, need a major catchup :)

  3. Such a lovely shirt, the colour is perfect x

  4. thank you! its lovely, reasonably priced too! :) x