Sunday, 5 February 2012

A slightly sleep deprived version of me..

Hello my lovelies!
Amazing news- Ralph is finally here! Wooohooo! I got him yesterday morning, he's such a little whirlwind. Ive had about 3 hours sleep since half 11 last night! I couldnt handle his little cries, so he slept on the sofa with me for a few hours. But honestly he is the best person in my life! So glad I bought him.
Without further a due- my baby!

cheeky monkey! 
Asleep on my bampy bless him :)

Just a little post today, I hope you all fall in love with him as I have.
Gonna try and relax tonight and watch the new season of True Blood (eeeeek!)
Hope your all thriving off of 2012! I know I am.
Much Love,
Elise x

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  1. awwww this is so adorable! Thank you for making me smile :)